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SimCity BuildIt is a city-building simulation mobile game.Published by Electronic Arts, it was launched in late 2014. The game is part of the SimCity franchise. BuildIt is a game developed for mobile gameplay. It is available for download for iOS and Android.

Keep your citizens happy by providing them with services and utilities such as police and fire, waste management, power, water, sewage, government,control net, drones

Build a SimCity world. From Limestone Cliffs to Green Valley,Cactus Canyon exciting places to build with unique specializations

Specializations let you customize the culture and feel of your city in SimCity BuildIt. Choose from parks, landmarks, transportation, education, entertainment, landscape, worship, gambling, mountain, beach



Join a Mayor’s Club in SimCity BuildIt to chat, trade, or give and get help from other Mayors.


Join in on the weekly Contest of Mayors. Earn Plumbob Points to determine your League and win prizes like Platinum Keys.

Battle your way to victory and rewards with your fellow Club members against opposing Clubs in the all new real-time PvP mode for SimCity .Unleashing disasters on enemy cities, earning the spoils of war, collecting Disaster Cards, and upgrading them for even more powerful attacks.

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