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The London Town update for SimCity BuildIt has arrived and we’re taking a look at all the changes we can find. There is 25% more land to play with, a new London Bus Terminal and Globe Theatre buildings! There are also 3 new London special items the Teapot, Bobby’s Helmet and Telephone Box. Finally, we now have Quests in the game too – with lots of great rewards for building your City!

Here are the 5 big changes I’m excited about, what about you?

1 – 25% more land to build on, including along the Beach Boardwalk
2 – New buildings, Globe Theatre and London Bus Terminal
3 – Regular Quests with big rewards
4 – London Town residential zones with 15% more population
5 – New London Town items, Teapot, Bobby’s Helmet and Telephone Box

Patch Notes
23 Nov 2020

– Expand your city limits with 25% more playable area, including more beachfront
– Earn special London items, such as the Teapot, Bobby’s Helmet, and Telephone Box
– Add classic London landmarks like the Globe Theater and Big Ben (Big Ben isn’t actually new – but the mechanic behind unlocking it is)
– Create customized British neighbourhoods with new residential buildings
– Fulfill your citizens’ dreams by completing fun tasks to earn great rewards

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