How to make Millions of Simoleons legitimately Simcity Buildit

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To people who comment this is a hack, I will refer you to the description/this comment. I made around 50k simoleon a day by selling stuff and collecting tax. Tax alone was already 18k per day. If you do the math, all you need is around 200 days (7 months) to make 10 million. All you need is patient and hard working. I played this city for around 8 months so this is doable unless you are new to this game. As for storage, 345 is nothing special and is achievable. All you need is work hard to search around the depot and join a good club. Same thing for the keys. Go play Contest of mayors and club wars. A hacker would have billions of simoleons/keys/600 storage. Everyone who says this is hack assume this is accomplished in a a few days, which is of course not true. This is done on 8 months. Why would I tell people to cut spending/stop expanding too quickly/sell stuff if this is hack…

SimCity BuildIt MOD apk v1.33.1 ✔ Unlimited SimCash & Simoleons ✔ SimCity BuildIt Hack / Cheat

Hi guys! In todays video I’ll show you SimCity BuildIt Hack tool. This mod works on both iOS and Android devices – no root / JB required. This cheats works really great as you can see on the video. Its latest version of SimCity so please try it on your device. Comment if you have any questions.

✔ Game and
➡ SimCity BuildIt 1.33.1

✔ Root or JB required?
➡ NO!

✔ Mod
➡ Unlimited SimCash
➡ Unlimited Simoleons

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SimCity BuildIt Online Hack Click HERE