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Esta modificación reemplaza la cantidad actual de llaves y billetes que tengas, no es acumulativo.
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Game Title : SimCity BuildIt
Premium Currency : ELECTRONIC ARTS

SimCity BuildIt SimCash Hack Tool Version 14.23.37
Last Updated : 11 days ago

Game Review : I give this game a 5 stars rating because of the graphics, color, full control of the game . and the realism that it brings.That’s what Gamers enjoy the most. I would like to see Bridges and under passes and possibly the entire overlay of area.it’s too close to where you don’t get the whole view of the city. I am having a minor problem with the Landscaping. When you place the river or lake it leaves holes.this needs to be a completely filled, If possible you can clean up that part. I appreciate you taking the time out to listen to the gamers.All in all this is a excellent game. Fantastic job!!!!!!.

Would love to see smoke and coming from coal power stations, incinerators, and steam clouds from power stations. Road junctions could be better with over/under passes and bridges instead of all flat plan traffic light crossroads. Managed to build my entire city without a single junction! New addition of scenery is good, but why so much $ for so little gain? Also the daily tax…. 20% of… what exactly? My population is now over 1M yet tax collections gone up only 1,000 a day from 750,000 population.

SimCity BuildIt Online Hack Click HERE