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Hi, welcome to the first of many SimCity Build It vidoes. I believe im the only person who has a video like this one explaining how to earn Simoleons This WAY!
Now i wanted to clear some things up, things i didnt explain or say in the video. Like how after a while the price on the items that you BUY will reset and go down to 200 again.
And also i know there is a way for the War Simoleons to go up again like wise.

There will be another video explaining how to do that very soon so keep connected and I’ll see you there.

If you want to get Simcity buildit cash coins gold and platinum keys even level points this video will help you surely. For this hack you need a rooted android device, if you don’t have a rooted android device or don’t want to root your device then use a laptop or computer. for a rooted android emulator for laptop or PC is needed for which i also used.Download link for Bluestacks rooted android emulator for Laptop PC is given below. The application need to hack which you can also install in mobile or tablet is called Game Guardian you will need, Download link is given below.
Download Bluestacks.

Download GameGuardian Application.

SimCity BuildIt Online Hack Click HERE