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Estamos en guerra. Ya empezó Game of Thrones.

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Sim City Buildit HD 1080

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Hola [email protected], me gustan los juegos… y estaré subiendo gameplays en HD 1080p, series y temporadas. Espero que les guste.

Mi nombre es Pabbell Cruz, soy de República Dominicana, tengo 19 años, actualmente estudio Contabilidad. Me gusta, me encantan el diseño gráfico, y durante tres 3 años me dedique a hacer proyectos en mis tiempos libres ( proyectos que requieren horas y horas de trabajo ), hasta el punto que tengo mi propio porfolio web ( y ).

Me gusta el diseño gráfico porque me permite crear cosas nuevas y hacer realidad mis imaginaciones ” Es mágico “.

Aprendí lo que se de diseño gráfico gracias a youtube y una forma de devolver ese aprendizaje que tengo es haciendo un canal en el que subo vídeos para ayudar a otras personas.

Me gusta ver vídeos de 8cho, alfredo3895, Celtibero Thor, Dutygameplays, Hueva, JMGamer, luzugamer, TechZone y VEGETTA777.

“ Youtube es mi hobby “


Información del canal de youtube :

¿Qué Smartphone utilizo para los juegos?

El Samsung Galaxy S5
Arquitectura – Chipset 32bits :
Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974-AC (28nm)
CPU Procesador / Núcleos :
2.5Ghz Quad-Core Krait 400
GPU tarjeta gráfica :
Qualcomm Adreno 330
Memoria RAM :

¿Cómo grabo mi Smartphone?

Con la aplicación DU Recorder, configurada Resolución de video 1080p, Calidad video Automático, FPS Automático.

Descarga DU Recorder

Enlace [MEGA]:

(Con creador de Intros y Cierres y Opción de fondo background)
APK 4,49

¿Con que programa creo las miniaturas de los vídeos?

Con Adobe Photoshop. (PC)

¿Con que programa edito los vídeos?

Con Adobe After Effects. (PC)

© Pabbell AmenaZzy
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Five of the best trading tips to help you get Simoleons and maximise your City Storage as soon as possible! Check out the playthrough and grow your City along with mine!

Detailed explanation of the tips starts at 2:00 and runs until about 6:00

1) Buy items with a high profit margin in the Global Trade HQ and then sell them for maximum price
2) The Global Trade HQ is a queue running from left (front) to right (back), buy from the right for a higher purchase success rate
3) Tap the Global Trade HQ in other cities to get straight back to it and save more time
4) The import-export icon on your Trade Depot represents a successful sale
5) When creating a sale it is quicker to maximise the price per item first and then the number of items [ they developers fixed this – both now work quickly!]

If you can invest the time in trading then the most efficient use of time is to;
1) camp at level 8 and trade until your City Storage is maximised (currently 250 – EDIT, now 350!)
2) sell everything else and fill up completely with land expansion items
3) level up to 10 and unlock as many land expansions as possible
4) continue trading until you have unlocked all the land expansions
5) return to levelling up and playing ‘as normal’

Hello Mayors! Watch and play along with me as we build, craft and design our way in the latest version of SimCity.

SimCity BuildIt is a new game designed for mobile devices and is available for iOS and Android. Let me know in the video comments what you’d like to see me try next!

Series playlist;

Here’s a step-by-step image of how I made the pixel art for my custom thumbnails;

You can get more information on SimCity BuildIt here;

[There is some slight crackling on the sound for this video, which is being caused by SimCity BuildIt – I think by the background music track. I haven’t yet worked out if there is a way to reduce or eliminate it, but it is also doing it when just playing the game on my iPad and not recording. I have logged it as an issue with the game’s developers.]


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